By the Power of Grayskull!

The mighty He-Man, guardian of Castle Grayskull and most powerful man in the universe, has disappeared! Over ten years ago, the kingdom woke to discover Grayskull gone, and its defenders with it. At the same time, King Adam went missing, and Queen Teela the Sorceress remained the sole ruler of Eternos, a guiding light in dark times.

Skeletor, the Overlord of Evil, has also been quiet this last decade. The common people have begun to believe him gone forever, and the most common story is that He-Man must be continuing their battle wherever it is they have gone. Without their leader, the Evil Warriors quickly became disorganized and went their separate ways; each still a deadly threat, but none could face the might of Eternos and the Masters without the power of Skeletor to bind them together.

But not all is well on Eternia.

The Queen has fallen into a coma, and without her strong leadership, there are rumblings of a war of succession within Eternos.

The bee-people of Andreenos, long dependent upon the wondrous Ambrosia, have found their supply disappearing. Without it, the Andreenans will surely fall, leaving their mountains open to takeover by the wicked Webstor and his Arachna allies.

In the Sea of Rakash, the waters begin to thrash menacingly, churning to reveal hideous monsters never before seen that attack mariners of all kinds.

And on the Dark Side of Eternia, there are whispers of a man with the face of a skeleton…

In desperation, Orko of Trolla, Grand Vizier and Court Mage of Eternos, has sent out a summons for heroes, for the next generation to protect the people of Eternia against the oncoming darkness – for new Masters of the Universe!

Masters of the Universe: Born from Ashes